Travel Necessities

On this page I will highlight the things that through trial and error we found we just can’t travel without. I am sure this list will grow as we continue to travel!


  • Juice Plus: We have been solidly traveling now for a year around the world from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Campione to Atlanta and then Victoria and 99% of the time when I get on a plane I get off with a cold. I can honestly say that so far I have not gotten a sniffle. Why? The only thing that’s changed is that this time I have been on Juice Plus continuously for about 2 years. I truly think that has made all the difference. That’s why I became a distributor as well. I know that no pill can replace eating well (and we do our best to do that anyway) but when traveling sometimes you over-indulge or just plain don’t have the choices you really wish you could. At least I know that I am doing something else to help fill in those nutritional gaps so when those times happen I am not as worried about it. For more information you can click here to go to the Juice Plus+ website.
  • 31FI6dyFPQL._AA160_A Good Pillow!! I can’t stress this enough. I didn’t bring mine with me when I left the States and I am kicking myself. It’s the number one thing that I am going to pick up from my mom’s house when I visit in a few months. I had just bought a new side sleeper pillow right before we headed out on our travels and due to limited space in my bags I didn’t bring it with me. Let me tell you my neck has been complaining for months! So if you have a favorite pillow find a way to bring it with you because without that great night sleep you’re going to regret it every night.
  • 3157r5z1I0L._SX450_Sonicare Electric Toothbrush: Yes, it’s so much lighter and easier just to pack one of those manual $3.00 toothbrushes but I can’t stand it when my teeth feel dirty. I will not brush my teeth with anything other than this toothbrush. I am spoiled I know but I wouldn’t leave home without this one ever!
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