Prague Around Christmas Time!

Looking out at Wenceslas Square, Prague

Looking out at Wenceslas Square, Prague

Now in the last post I told you that we were heading towards home but I want to tell you about some places we visited before we left the Netherlands.

Arriving at the airport in Prague.

Arriving at the airport in Prague.

Around Christmas time we met a friend of ours in his birthplace of Prague, Czech Republic and had a really nice time.

Wenceslas Square, Prague

Wenceslas Square, Prague

Matt and I took off on a walk about of the city two of the afternoons we were there. Although it was really cold (and wet and snowy on one of the days) we had fun looking at all the sites.


Charles Bridge, Prague

The first place we headed to was the Charles Bridge where six years before Matt and I got engaged. We wanted to take another picture there to commemorate the date again.

Returning to the scene of the crime LOL!

Returning to the scene of the crime LOL!

At this spot on the bridge is a gold cross that people traditionally put their hands on and make a wish. The story of this spot is that back in 1393 John of Nepomuk, who is now a saint, was thrown off the bridge to his death because he would not divulge the contents of the king’s wife’s confessions to the king.


This spot commorates John of Nepomuk.

Legend has it now that anyone who touches this spot and makes a wish will have that wish granted by the saint. Thus the reason that Matt and I were engaged here and returned to make another wish this time.

Locks on the bridge

Locks on the bridge

Also, many people put locks on this spot. We’ve seen this phenomenon all over the world in different historical spots. Apparently this is a custom called Love Locks where lovers write their names on a lock, attach it to a bridge and throw the key in the water symbolizing that they will never leave each other. Had I known what this was all about I might have brought a lock too but alas I didn’t.

I have this fascination with birds on cracks me up!

I have this fascination with birds on statues…it cracks me up!

If you only see one thing in Prague than the Charles Bridge should definitely be it in my opinion. It is covered in beautiful statues and on nice days (and even rainy, cold days) you’ll see all sorts of artists selling their pictures, artwork and jewelry among other things.


Me with more examples of the statues on Charles Bridge, Prague


Even on rainy days there is a sizable crowd on the Charles Bridge leading to Prague Castle.

Next we headed to the Old Town Square to see the Prague Astronomical Clock. This clock, also known as Prague Orloj, is an medieval clock that was first installed in 1410 is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.


Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, Prague

Check out the video of it doing it’s thing at the  top of the hour:

Some of the beautiful buildings in Old Town Square, Prague

Some of the beautiful buildings in Old Town Square, Prague

Pre-Christmas crowds in Old Town Square, Prague

Pre-Christmas crowds in Old Town Square, Prague

You see some characters when you travel the world...Prague was no different!

You see some characters when you travel the world…Prague was no different!

Next Matt and I took a bike tour of Prague in order (we thought) to see the city faster and be warmer after all someone else was peddling and we got a nice blanket. It was a faster way of seeing the city but by the end of the tour we were still freezing.

On the tour we went through the Jewish Quarter of Prague and came across the memorial to Franz Kafka. Kafka was one of Prague’s famous writers who always seemed to mention the city in many of his stories. This statue was created by Jaroslav Rona and erected on Dusni Street fairly recently. (Click here to read more about the work)

Memorial to Franz Kafka in the Jewish Quarter, Prague

Memorial to Franz Kafka in the Jewish Quarter, Prague

As we continued our tour of the city we came across several sculptures that left us scratching our heads. This picture below is of one of those such sculptures. If anyone has any insight on this one please leave a comment to fill us all in on it. I didn’t find out who the sculptor was so it makes it harder to find anything on it.


Strange babies with zippers on their faces crawling around? But why?

The yellow penguins below apparently rise up when they open the locks to let boats go through but we didn’t get to witness the rise of the penguins.

What city doesn't have yellow penguins?

What city doesn’t have yellow penguins?


Muzeum stop in the Metro. I just really liked the way it looked.


Some of the subway escalators are REALLY high!

While in Prague we both also got an opportunity to play our first ever poker tourney. I didn’t do great but it was a fun experience and one must celebrate with some local brew afterwards of course!

My first WSOP Poker Tourney!

My first WPT Poker Tourney!

The night before we left Matt and I had a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Potrefena Husa.


Potrefena Husa restaurant, Prague, CZ


New Year’s was around the corner so Na zdraví


Our UF companion, Gordon Gecko, had a bit to drink too!

And such ended our beautiful extended weekend in Prague.

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2 thoughts on “Prague Around Christmas Time!

  1. Your Czech artist with the zipper faces is David Cerny. See him in the London newspaper at: I love your city scenes at Christmastime. But now, I’m ready to see the two of you in a blue-colored tropical locale. Enough with the gray city scenes!

    • Thank you, Camille. I knew I could count on you to find out who the artist is. As for the blue-colored tropical locale I can promise you some sunshine in upcoming blogs but it won’t be tropical. It will, however, be pretty. I promise! 🙂

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