The Power of We!

Today is Blog Action Day 2012 and the theme is ‘The Power of We’. It’s an appropriate theme if you ask me especially with the election looming large here in the United States. You see, as I watch the T.V. I am being constantly bombarded by politicians big and small slamming their opposition and it bothers me how divided people let themselves be about everything from politics to religion to animal welfare to adopting greener ways to live.

You see blaming people is not the answer and I would think that as a higher life form the human race would realize this. Fighting is not the answer either. Fighting will only make the other side dig their heels in deeper and resist you more. These types of things are more like ‘The Power of I’ and as the old saying goes ‘there is no I in team’. We as a collective need to band together and realize ‘The Power of We’!

Sure I do believe that the individual can make a huge difference in the world and that single little actions over time become massive snowballs of change but ‘The Power of We’ can accomplish so much more!

So why am I bringing this up in my travel blog? Well, anyone you know who is well-traveled will tell you that as different as other counties are from the life you know at home there are some basic, core things that are ever present and constant too. Now I know everyone has different beliefs and individual realities. That’s one of the great amazing things about our lives and one of the greatest reasons we all travel. That’s what it’s about too but I think if you boiled it all down to a few core beliefs you’d find that everyone wants the same things. We all want to live a healthy, long, happy life. We all want to be free and not be restricted and imprisoned. We all want justice and what’s right and fair. We all want an environment that provides the possibility of living that healthy, long, happy life. We all hate to see others suffer whether they be humans or animals. We all want to leave this world a better place than when we got here in the first place. These are all things that humans yearn for their whole lives! This is called ‘Compassion’ and it’s what makes us all human.

‘The Power of We’ is what we all need to be concentrating on. Not just ‘What is good for me right now?’ but ‘What is good for humanity as a whole?’ When we all start switching our brains from blaming to ‘what can I do to make it better?’ then we will all see that change come about.

There are so many people and organizations today doing so much good under the concept of ‘The Power of We’ that sometimes tears come to my eyes with pride. The problem though is that main stream media doesn’t think it’s news worthy. They would rather report about all the horrific things that are going on then to focus on the good that is happening in the world. We all must remember that what we focus on will become our reality. That’s a truth that has been known for centuries. Go read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill or any random self improvement book. The theme is always there – what we believe we achieve!

So what can you do? Anything! Do anything that’s positive in this world. Be a positive example in this world. Put your energy into things that improve the world and make it better whether it’s soothing a young child who is being bullied and showing them how to be proud of who they are or it’s planting a garden in your backyard. Just do something positive! Don’t let people bring you down. Don’t let people fill your head with their negative thoughts and beliefs. They are not improving this world. Step up and be an example that shows the world what positive change looks like. Find organizations that are changing the world positively, stand behind them and spread the love. Be a positive example!

As for me personally, I’ve been a member of many positive change organizations over the years from vegetarian groups to animal welfare to environmental groups. Currently I stand behind the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (Click Here to go to their website). Their mission “aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.” They are currently working towards building a sanctuary that will address the issues of bullies and abused and misunderstood animals at the same time as well as building a sustainable farm in Tamminy Parish in Louisiana. They are also very passionate about the environment and conservation. If you would like to learn more or donate to the cause you can CLICK HERE!.

Another local organization that I stand behind is the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary. This organization was created to give birds that are unwanted, abused or no longer able to be cared for by their human companions a forever home. It’s not a breeding facility. It’s a true sanctuary where they can just be a bird and fly. They too are currently campaigning so that they can purchase a larger property in order to build a bigger, better facility for their current feathered friends as well as the over 500 others that are on their waiting list. If you would like to learn more about FEBS or donate to their cause CLICK HERE!

These are just two ways that you can help make the world a better, more positive place and harness “The Power of We!” Together we can do so much more! Let’s all stop blaming and looking at the negative and start doing positive things and making our world the world that we want it to be. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Happy Blog Action Day to you all!

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2 thoughts on “The Power of We!

  1. Well said! Thanks for this lucid, uplifting support for all the good people in the world. And yes, the world is a MAJORITY of good people. But the bad people get more press, with their noise and flames. World history, I believe, restores our faith in the victories of the positive. Positively.

    • Thank you, Camille. We all need to stand up and show that there are positive people doing positive things in this world and probably more so than the bad stuff. I have recently met so many people doing so many great things in this world that my heart is beaming with joy. 🙂

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