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Great Question To Ask When You’re Traveling!

I came across this great video today on, if you haven’t checked this site out it’s always got something interesting there to grab your attention. Today I found this video and I think it’s a brilliant thing to ask people when you’re traveling because it gives you an insight to the culture of the place you’re visiting.

In this video the person with the video camera is asking the question ‘What are you listening to?’ Simple question right? But how much could we learn about a culture by just asking this one question of everyone you meet? How many new sounds and artists could you discover by asking this question everywhere you travel?

I, myself, am a musician and I always listen to what is playing on the radio or in shops when I am traveling but I’ve never thought to just ask people this question. I think it’s wonderful. Imagine how much more you’ll remember that trip when you’ve created a playlist for your whole vacation. Imagine pairing that music now with all those pictures and stories you have from your travels. Imagine how much more meaningful and powerful that vacation has just become from one little question, ‘what are you listening to?’ I think I am going to start asking that of people when I travel. How about you?

Here’s the video: ‘London: What Song Are You Listening To?’

UPDATE: June 22, 2011

Here’s a follow up video called ‘Toronto: What Song Are You Listening To?

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It’s Nearly Summer and There’s Babies Everywhere!

Beach, South Florida – May 2011

So I was realizing that I never write about things that happen around where I live and I was wondering why I wasn’t doing that. Isn’t where I live (Florida…vacation capital of the U.S.) a viable destination that could be included in my travel blog? Of course it is!

So although I’ve promised you more about my recent travel to Victoria, BC (which I loved by the way) I am going to take the liberty to divert to my home happenings today.

You see here in South Florida it’s already nearing what most of the country would consider a hot summer but let me tell you that by South Florida standards this is spring and in the spring time everything is having babies and it’s so fun to watch.

We’ve had little baby rabbits and squirrels and mocking birds and, most recently, a nest full of ospreys being born. We’re having a thrill watching the ospreys learn to fly and catch their own fish and just learning to let go of the security of mommy and daddy osprey.

But just the other afternoon I was delighted to see a new family of Sandhill Cranes come visit our backyard, mommy, daddy, and two little Sandhill Crane babies. Inspired by that and the beauty of it all I made a little video of their visit with us. I hope you like it.

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