James Blunt and Victoria Get It On!

James Blunt Performing at The Royal Theatre in Victoria BC - May 9, 2011

We had a great time in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada last week and I’ll write about all that in upcoming blogs but the highlight of the trip (besides seeing friends, of course) was being surprised by said friends with tickets to see James Blunt in concert at the Royal Theatre right there in Victoria.

The concert was incredible and the venue couldn’t have been better. It was a nice little intimate theatre where the acoustics were fantastic and James freely walked in the back door through the crowd to the stage. He also did a complete walk around the theatre during the show as well which was a nice surprise to everyone.

His soulful, emotional presentation of his songs was incredible and no one can deny his musical abilities as well as his great sense of humor. The majority of the time he was trying to coax the entire audience out of their clothes. Eventually he continued to try and ‘woo’ us all out of them. I think several audience members were quite willing to take him up on it but no one (to my knowledge anyway) actually did.

Here is a partial video that I took of James singing his song ‘Billy’ from his first album called ‘Back To Bedlam’. I only recorded part of the song and then stopped. Why? I really don’t know. I think I got so enthralled with the concert that I just stopped but here’s a bit of footage of it anyway for your entertainment.

Overall it was a fantastic performance by a talented musician/songwriter/singer and I would highly recommend everyone check James Blunt out the next time he performs in your town…or do like I did and go on vacation and see him there. It definitely makes a vacation that much more special when you combine it with a great musical performance.

Come back again soon to read my further adventures in Victoria, BC, Canada…

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2 thoughts on “James Blunt and Victoria Get It On!

  1. Clive

    I hope he comes to Christchurch sometime; sounds awesome live!

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