Eindhoven/Venlo, The Neatherlands

Sunday Matt and I decided to take a ride with Allen to the Netherlands. Allen was going to Amsterdam to see a chiropractor there about an opportunity and Matt had been invited to Eindhoven by another chiropractor to check out an opportunity there. It was an opportunity to see the Netherlands so we said ‘Let’s Go!’

We arrived in Eindhoven and met with the chiropractor there who was less than impressive. After an hour with him we left to head to the train station to return back to Koeln. On the way we met a woman at the bus station who was really nice and helpful and told us the bus would take us directly to the train station no problem.

We asked her about Eindhoven and she said that there really isn’t much that happens there and it isn’t really the prettiest of The Netherlands Cities. We had to agree. Matt and I found that our impression of the Netherlands based on this visit was that it was very gray (not just the weather but the houses were all one color which was…well…gray!). We found it to be very depressing even though it was a sunny day.

We chatted with several people there in our hour and a half stay and the one thing we have to say about the people of the Netherlands is that everyone was really friendly and helpful and smiling. It was really refreshing.

We grabbed a Snickers and a KitKat bar and jumped on our train back to Koeln. We didn’t take any pictures of our stay in Eindhoven because we really didn’t see anything that we felt was inspiring to us.

Upon returning to Koeln and after Allen returned from Amsterdam he told us that Amsterdam and several other cities in The Netherlands were really nice and not to write off the whole country because of our experience. So Matt and I promised that we would visit Amsterdam to give it another try.

Until next time Matt and I send our love to you all! đŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Eindhoven/Venlo, The Neatherlands

  1. Hi Veronica and Matt, we are in Alaska and picked-up the bikes. Tomorrow we will go to

    Christian and marjolein

    • Hi Christian and Marjolein,
      That’s awesome! So glad to see you’ve arrived safe and are ready to hit the road. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! Be safe and have fun!
      All the Best,
      Veronica & Matt

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