The German Language Revealed

Insult or Praise?

Here are some interesting things to know about the German language. First of all, I’ve gone all my life hearing people calling each other ‘Schmucks’ and watching as people get offended by it and I know that there may be a derogatory reason for that but I found it interesting to find out that the word ‘Schmuck’ actually means ‘Jewelry; Ornament; Smart, or Neat’. I don’t know about you but I could think of some worse things to be called.

Would You Rather a Gift or a Present?

Next is the word ‘Gift’. You will never hear a German say they are giving you or anyone else a gift (and if you do then you better watch out) because the word ‘gift’ in German actually means ‘Poison’. I know that having been clued in on that I will be trying to always use the word ‘Present’ instead from now on. I have to admit that I use the word ‘Gift’ a lot in English and have to be very careful not to say that here from now on.

Fun with the German Language

Now for some fun words (for Americans at least). Currently our favorite world in German is Ausfarht (pronounced: Ows fart) which means ‘Exit’. There is also Einfarht which means ‘entrance’ and Matt found the word Wetfarht which is apparently the first lap that a race car makes around a race track or something like that. Yes, it is juvenile we know but it never fails to give us a giggle when we hear someone say any of those words. I guess we never grow up. J

Now Hear This!

I learned a new word the other day too. It’s the word Jetzt (pronounced: Yetz) which simply means ‘Now’. It’s not exciting but was a word that I was seeing everywhere particularly in display windows saying ‘Now ½ price’. It’s a good thing to know if you want to shop I thought.

Sentence of the Week

Now for my new sentence of the week….Ich mochte ein café mocha bitte. This means ‘I would like a café mocha please’. I am very proud to say that today I ordered my own coffee at the local Tchibo coffee shop all by myself and they actually understood what I was saying!!! Ahhh….there’s joy in the little things….and café mocha in the morning!

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One thought on “The German Language Revealed

  1. Pete Worch

    Matt & Veronica

    I am so envious… The photo caught my eye — beautiful.

    and you seem to be picking up the important words – jetzt, mocha, cafe, … but what about the beer and wines?



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