Koln, Koeln, Cologne? Where the Heck Do You Live Already??

Where The Heck Do You Live Already???

Many of you may be thinking ‘Okay already, every time you write where you live it is spelled a different way. What’s up with that?’ So let me explain that to you.

The name of the city I live in is Koln (with the two little dots or Umlauts over the O). That is the correct German way to spell the name of this city. It is pronounced Kooln with a bit of a throaty ‘r’ sound that is really not second nature to English speakers. It actually sounds like someone is clearing their throat, mumbling, or started to say something and then decided it wasn’t worth it after all and gave up.

The spelling Koeln is pronounced the same way but is an alternative way to spell the name of the city if you don’t have access to the double dots or umlauts or don’t know any better.

The spelling Cologne, which you will find when making reservations on an airline or various other places is the English way to spell the name of the city and is pronounced Cologne as in eau du cologne which, by the way, originated in this city. Apparently Napoleon used to stay here and the cologne 417 Eau du Cologne was made for him in this city. It can still be purchased here as well.

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