Recycling in Germany


Here in Germany they are very conscious of recycling and it is very refreshing to see. At the grocery store you can either bring your own bag from home (recommended) or buy a new bag (about 10 euro cents or 18 U.S. cents) every time you go shopping.

After forgetting your bags at home several times and having to buy new ones it really reinforces the habit of thinking about the environment in every thing that you do daily. Now we have bags that we just keep in our jacket pockets. This way on the way home from a day on the town if we decide we need something from the supermarket we are prepared and being environmentally conscious. It feels good to do that all the time and not have people look at you like you are strange when you proudly pull out your very own bag from home.

Other things that they do to recycle here are in our apartment building there is a room that we have a key to that houses several different garbage cans marked ‘Paper’ ‘Glass’ and ‘Regular garbage’ and you just put your garbage in the appropriate can and they take care of the rest.

The plastic bottles you take back to the grocery store and there is a machine in the back where you insert your plastic bottles and get your deposit back. We had these machines in New York too but I haven’t seen them since then. Apparently Florida doesn’t think recycling is that important.

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