Carbonation and The Energy Crisis

Carbonation and the Energy Crisis

Germans apparently have a love and fascination with carbonation. It seems it is nearly impossible to find regular, plain ‘wasser’ (water) with out bubbles. I imagine that if they bottled the energy from all the gas everyone is running around with there wouldn’t be an energy crisis at all.

In the local supermarket called Toom there is a huge aisle of different types of water but really only one type of plain old non-fizzy water. For someone like me who hardly ever drinks carbonated drinks it’s been a challenge.

Most times in restaurants they will bring you fizzy water unless you specifically ask for something else which I don’t really know how to say ‘without bubbles’ yet so I continue to drink mostly carbonated beverages for now. I really have never seen a nation so attached to drinking carbonated water as they are in Germany. All I can guess is that either the German nation doesn’t drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day or they do and they are really a gaseous bunch. J

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4 thoughts on “Carbonation and The Energy Crisis

  1. Cyn

    It’s the beer, man! I bet they just got so used to drinking bubbles in the beer, that anything “flat” or non-carbonated seems, well, wrong. So, of course when the bottled water craze hit Germany, they felt they had to put the bubbles in!

  2. Cris

    Veronica: I’m pretty sure regular water is “still”, maybe as in shtill. At least, that’s the UK word and I’m pretty sure i’ve used that successfully before in Germany. Try both still and shtill and see if it works. Glad you are having fun and seeing the sights.

  3. veronica1917

    Cris, thanks for the tip. I’ll try it next time and see how that works. Chat with you soon. Love, Veronica

  4. Jim

    Just simply say wasser No Gas please

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